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AR-15 Owners Training AR-15 Owners Training

This Course is crafted for the AR-15 owner and family members who want to understand the firearm and how to maintain the gun properly. Air-conditioned classroom with male/female bathrooms, and the instruction is family appropriate. Parent's discretion on the child's age, but the child needs to be learning the topic, not distracting you or other students. We will cover four primary areas:

Timeline / Topics
0900 - 0950 - Operation System, Assembly & Disassembly
1000- 1050 - How to Clean and Inspect
1100 - 1150 - Accessory Selection and Installation
1200 - 1250 - Malfunctions and How to Clear Them

Equipment needed: One (1) AR-15 per 2-people, Pin / Pencil (workbook will be provided for notes), any hand tools you deem appropriate. 2 magazines per-firearm.
Ammunition requirement: Twenty (20) rounds of ammunition per-person

Training Facility Map Link
410 Rives Chapel Church Rd
Siler City, NC 27344

Our Price: $44.99
Protecting Your Castle Protecting Your Castle

Protecting Your Castle: A Comprehensive Course on Firearm Tactics and Home Defense
This is a workshop, no LIVEFIRE

This six-hour firearms training course covers legal considerations of using firearms in self-defense, mindset, home defense planning, and scenario-based training. Learn about GS 14-51.2 and debrief after the smoke clears. Develop the proper mindset with Boyd's OODA Loop and AOJ. Create a home defense plan and learn how to respond to potential home invasions. Practice using firearms in a safe, controlled environment with feedback and critique. Attendees will leave with the knowledge and skills to handle firearms safely and responsibly.

Price: $100

Location: 110A S Barnes St, Nashville, NC 27856


· Casual attire

· Unloaded firearm for training

· Note Pad, pencil / pin


Each student will receive the NRA in-side the home protection book

Our Price: $100.00
Private Firearms Training For Individuals Private Firearms Training For Individuals

add to cart and pay online with our secure checkout. Our customer service team will reach out within 24 hours to schedule your training session.

Private training lessons are scheduled by appointment with each individual customer or group. We don't have set calendar days for private lessons as instructor and customer availability can vary. If you'd like to check scheduling prior to payment you can reach our customer service team at sales@divisionarms.com

You will need to bring your own firearm, ammunition, hearing protection and eye protection.

If you select the rental option you will be provided with a rental firearm, 100 rounds of ammunition, eye protection and hearing protection.

Our Price: $120.00