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Knife Lanyards Lethal Edge® Knife Lanyard

Keep your knife easily accessible with this functional accessory. The Lethal Edge® Knife Lanyard includes a pewter Emerson Skull and is available in a variety of paracord colors. This accessory is for mere style purposes on top of making your knives easily accessible. The easiest way to make your knife your own is to add a little style to it. Each knife lanyard is included with a pewter bead already attached. Are you counting your sniper kills? or are you just bad to the bone? Stack up the beads. Made in the USA.

Our Price: $16.00
Emerson Knife Clip American Flag Pocket Clip

The American Flag Pocket Clip is our standard black pocket clip but with a laser engraved American Flag. They are made in our factory and engraved with our own machine. We pride ourselves on being Made in America and we know you all appreciate American Made products as well. Show that you're a proud American by adding the American Flag Clip to your favorite Emerson knife and wearing it proudly! They are adaptable with all Emerson Knives and are easy to swap out with our other clips. Available in black and satin.

Our Price: $16.00
Emerson Knife Clip We The People Pocket Clip

The We The People Pocket Clip is interchangeable between all Emerson Knives and are easy to swap out with our other clip options. Available in both black and satin. We're proud to be Made in America here at Emerson Knives. Show your pride with the We the People Clip or the American Flag Clip. See the pictures above to see how they look on an Emerson knife!

Our Price: $16.00
Emerson Knife Clip Emerson Skull Pocket Clip

The Emerson Skull Pocket Clip features our classic skull logo laser engraved on a stainless steel pocket clip. Available in two color options. We offer a variety of laser engraved pocket clips as well as higher-end options made by Steel Flame Jewelry. Add a touch of badass to your favorite Emerson knife!

Our Price: $16.00
Emerson Knife Clip Emerson Pirate Pocket Clip

The Emerson Pirate Pocket Clip is available to replace your old black pocket clip. Featuring the classic Emerson Pirate logo laser engraved on a stainless steel clip. They are available in black or satin. Give your Emerson knife a little touch of personality! We offer several laser engraved clips and higher-end Steel Flame knife accessories for you to choose from. Make your knife your own.

Our Price: $16.00
Emerson La Griffe White Water La Griffe

White Water LA GRIFFE

The Emerson White Water La Griffe is now available in 440C Stainless Steel. Featuring the design ofour classic La Griffe with the intention to be used as an emergency tool for White Water Rafting or the like. It features a blunted tip to avoid punctures and blade serrations for the cutting of rope or twine. The La Griffe makes for a perfect companion for the outdoorsman and can be kept in pocket, on a bag or around your neck. This knife comes with a Blade-Tech sheath and neck chain for easy access.

Our Price: $124.95

Emerson CQC14 "Snubby"

The Emerson CQC-14 is what you've been looking for. Have you been looking for a legal-carry, full sized knife? Look no further. The CQC-14 sports a 2.7 inch blade paired with a full sized handle, giving you that rugged, strong everyday carry you've been looking for. Most areas call for knives with blades that are shorter than 3 inches so we decided to help out those who live in those stricter areas. The CQC-14 features our patented Emerson “Wave Feature” so that you may quickly open out of pocket with the flick of your wrist. The short, rounded blade earned it its nickname of “The Snubby” .

Featuring the legendary Emerson Ergonomics that you have come to love, this is the perfect everyday carry for you!

Our Price: $216.95
Emerson Knives,Bulldog Bulldog


The Emerson Bulldog is the tough, sturdy everyday carry you've been searching for. Featuring an straight blade that comes to a piercing tanto point through prominent angles, the Bulldog is a very straight forward knife. It sports a boxy G-10 handle with a finger guard paired with our patented Emerson Wave Feature for a quick out-of-pocket deployment. The Emerson Bulldog has been a favorite among law enforcement officers looking for a practical small, yet sturdy on duty knife. Offered in your choice of a stone washed or black coated blade, and with plain or partially serrated edges. See for yourself what makes the Bulldog knife so dependable.

Our Price: $216.99
Combat Karambit Combat Karambit

The Emerson Karambit Knife The Emerson Karambit knife, aka the Combat Karambit, is the ultimate 21st Century folding knife by Emerson Knives, Inc. Along with the patented “Wave Feature”, the Combat Karambit is one of the finest personal defense weapons ever developed. Featuring black G-10 handles for a textured grip, and a beautifully designed Karambit blade- This is one of the most bad-ass everyday carries you can own.

Our Price: $249.95